Whole30 Day 8 (or Week 2 Day 1?) AND…

…3 Week Yoga Retreat Day 1!

So is it Whole30 Day 8 or Whole30 Week 2, Day 1? I’m pretty proud that an entire week is done and nobody is dead yet.

Cutting sugar is tough. Anyone that says otherwise? They lie. Even if you don’t drink soda or eat a ton of sweets, sugar is everywhere. Avoiding sugar is expensive. Next time you’re at the market, grab a can of tomato sauce and look at the ingredients. I was so excited to find Hannaford canned tomatoes do not have sugar that I might have done a little happy dance in the tomato aisle. (I totally did. People avoided me after.) It’s easy to see why so many of us are overweight and unhealthy. Inexpensive food is full of fillers (sugar).

So looking down the barrel of Week 2, I feel good. I feel less puffy. Not thinner. Just less thick. It’s probably mental, but I’m OK with that.

I started 3 Week Yoga Retreat today.

True Confession Time: I do not like yoga.

Oh! That was really liberating. I want to like yoga. I see yoga people doing they’re bendy stretchy things and smiling and I want to feel that! But…it hurts and my body doesn’t move like that. And then they say “…doesn’t move like that – YET…” And then I want to elbow slash them which is totally against yoga rules.

I did the 30 minute Day 1 Core class. I was a sweaty mess by the end and we barely did anything. Really. It was Downward Dog and Chair Pose for most of it. But I made a promise to myself. I’m going to finish all 3 weeks. Even stupid week 2. (I do not like Elise as an instructor. She is obviously skilled and seems like a great human. But for the love of sanity – STOP TALKING!!!! Instead of cuing, she’s sharing anecdotes. It’s like when you look for a recipe on a blog and have to sift through their musings. Shhhhh. I’m not here for that. Give me the YOGA and nobody gets HURT! Hmmmm. That’s probably against yoga rules, too.)

I’m gonna go drink some coffee to calm down from all that yoga talk.

Have a sugar-free namaste-day.

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