LIIFT4 Completeish…

I know. I’ve slacked again. I did keep up with LIIFT4. I really, really like the program until week 7. Let me back up. I really like LIIFT4. It’s a well designed strength workout that does not consume an average, middle-aged woman’s life. I’ve increased my weights from 3, 5, and 8 pounds to 5, 10, and 15 pounds. That’s pretty great.

Now, it’s story time…

Week 7 switches up the Chest/Tri, Back/Bi, Shoulder, and Leg days we’ve had weeks 1 – 6.  Prior to Week 7, I decided to start 5K training Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. By Week 7, Day 4, I was not feeling like HIIT. I skipped that workout but went walking and did extra yoga because I was feeling extra pain in my upper back.

Week 8, Day 1 was Back and Chest (like Week 7) and I struggled. I wasn’t able to lift the weights to which I had built up. We’re only talking 15 pounds. But my upper back was screaming. I completed the workout and did extra yoga (which I had managed to do daily for about 10 days at this point). I had completed my Monday mini-run in the morning.

Week 8, Day 2. I just couldn’t. Both my husband and my daughter were home and I just didn’t feel like having an audience. I yelled at myself for making excuses, but then doubled up on yoga and told myself I could to the workout tomorrow. Also, my upper back was killing me.

Wednesday, June 17th. I went for my mini-run and struggled. I can’t even tell you anything specific. It just wasn’t right. All day, I had brain fog and just a feeling of “offness”. And…(say it with me)…my upper back was KILLING me.

Wednesday, June 17th 11:30 PM. I awoke with level 7 painful heartburn. Being the daughter of 2 cardiac rehab patients, I immediately feared a heart attack. I’m Red Cross certified in First Aid and went through the symptoms and determined it probably wasn’t a heart attack. (Spoiler – I’m not dead.) I took 2 peppermint tablets  and suffered through the night. I’ll spare the gory details but it was not fun. According to my Fitbit, I managed about 4.5 hours of sleep.

Thursday morning, I couldn’t work out. Could not. I couldn’t even drink coffee. I was hurting and exhausted. The heartburn was gone but that just allowed room for pain all along my diaphragm and down to my belly button. So I decided to log into work early. Because, yes, I am a moron. It was only until my doctor’s office opened at 8 AM. At least that’s what my brain tried to tell me. I don’t trust her.

I called the doctor and they managed a 1:45 PM appointment. So I cried a little, saved whatever I was working on, and took a sick day. I went up to bed and tried to nap. I’m pretty sure it scared the crap out of my husband and daughter. I rarely admit defeat.

The doc did an EKG and blood work. It wasn’t a heart issue. So that leaves us with no freaking clue what it is. But the doctor suspects a gallbladder problem. Dr. Google later solidified this suspicion. All of the issues I’ve had for over a year seem to point to gallbladder. I asked 2 different doctors about the random pain on my right side. It’s too high up to be appendix or ovaries so neither doctor cared.

So it looks like I get to be my own doctor. I’m prescribing lots of fruits and veggies with a side of lean protein…Exactly how I should be eating (but am not).

I’ve started walking in the morning. Sunday was painful, but today is not terrible. I plan to do this every morning. If things don’t explode, I’ll start LIIFT4 Week 1, Day 1 next Monday. I really do like the program.


One thought on “LIIFT4 Completeish…

  1. Weeks 7 and 8 of LIIFT4 are very challenging, so don’t beat yourself up about it, especially since you’re having some health issues! Hope you’re feeling back to normal health soon!


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