Little Update on Whole 30

I know, I know. It’s only day 4. But most of the blog posts I’ve seen have been “I’m soooo hungry” that I wanted to offer a very different view. It’s too much food in one sitting!

I’ve been carb cycling since April 1 (Easter). I love it. It works really well for me because I don’t feel deprived and there are no foods that are “forbidden”. I thought Whole30 would be easy…which it kind of is, sort of. But Whole30 rules advocate sitting down and eating 3 meals a day. That’s a lot of calories to take in. If I’m aiming for 1500 – 1800 calories each day (using my carb cycle counts), that’s up to 500 – 600 calories each meal! That is a LOT of food. Now, figure in that the bulk of calories is from protein…Dude.

Another aspect is the amount of fat and carbs I’m eating. It feels downright decadent to eat this many sweet potatoes.

So that’s what I’m struggling with. Too much food. First world problem.

I’m thrilled that my family is also feeling full. I really hope that we start seeing positive impact for the teenager. This is mainly for her. My husband spent a solid 10 minutes describing his positive side effects…But that’s way TMI. Just…no.

My taste buds seem to be morphing. I had a banana last night that tasted like it had been dipped in honey. It was insanely sweet. (Not a complaint.)

So the food list…breakfast is 2 eggs, often with spinach and red peppers, sometimes with a dash or 4 of Frank’s Red Hot and a side of potato (white or sweet, I’m not picky)

Lunch is shredded chicken on a sweet potato (Frank’s Red Hot is my boyfriend).

Dinner varies. This link will take you to my fancy menu. I’m currently making way too much food so we have leftovers. But my fear is that the teenager will be hungry.



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